The Vision

Moving Forward, Together.

The Fraternal Order of Police is, in fact, the best law enforcement organization in the nation, but it can be better! If we embrace the technologies of today, collaborate for the solutions of tomorrow and work together to engage our members and the communities they work in we can solve the crucial issues facing our organization and the law enforcement profession!

  • We must work to grow our membership numbers! there are nearly 500,000 law enforcement officers in this country who are not members of our organization.

  • We must advance the technology of this organization to help our members work more efficiently in the organization and on the job.

  • We must work collaboratively to focus our legislative goals and encourage members to help us generate a stronger political action committee to assist with our lobbying efforts on the hill.

  • We must restore the fraternity on a national level. Our family is stronger when we stand together and our voice is more powerful when we speak united!

  • We absolutely must put people above politics! There is no room for politics in policing and there certainly is not foom for it when it comes to taking care of our order. While politics will always exist in this organization, we must work to rise above them and remember we are ALL family at the end of the day!

Have more questions? please dont hesitate to email me in the contact section on the home page, or, click on the chat with me button and I will be happy to answer any of the questions you may have.


When considering the future of the FOP, I humbly ask for your support in my bid to become your next national treasurer. I pledge to be the leader we need to move our organization forward, together!