The Profession

The environment that our profession exists in is ever changing. The face of this job has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Understanding how these changes affect law enforcement, and this organization, are crucial to the forward momentum of the Fraternal Order of Police.


Having the perspective of a front line supervisor in today's policing environment will allow me to bring another layer of  experience to our organization's leadership. Bringing ideas to the table that are generated from relevant law enforcement experience will help move us forward into the next generation of police work and strengthen the foundation of the Fraternal Order of Police.

For example, It is time to advance agendas on the national level that protect the officers on the job when they rely on their training and act accordingly. 

Quite simply, Politics in policing must be abolished. We need to advance legislation that provides support to the men and women who have done their duty but are not treated fairly because of political pressures. We also must work to regain the trust and respect for our profession that has eroded over the last decade.

Understanding the issues we are facing in today's policing environment will help me to bring ideas to the table that will help you do your job better. I hope that you will consider supporting me in 2021 for National FOP Treasurer. I would be honored to have your vote.

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