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I have worked as the treasurer and president of a major city lodge. During my service, I honed my skills as treasurer and faced some very controversial issues that have tested my leadership capabilities. I have thrived in that turbulent environment and my leadership was proven effective. I have the experience necessary to serve as the next national treasurer and I have a desire to effect significant changes to benefit our membership and organization.


  • We need dynamic leaders to be engaged at every level of the FOP. We must be more than a position. We must serve in legislative, labor, support and fraternal capacities. It is my intention to engage in every aspect of the FOP and work to represent the membership as a whole.


  • Our organization has grown beyond operating the office from our homes. Having an administrative professional in the national headquarters would ensure the continuity of service from the treasurer’s office regardless of personal or professional schedules.Because I live in Nashville, I can establish the Treasurer’s office in the national headquarters and plan to select a qualified administrative professional to assist with the functions of my office. This will ensure efficient service and effective communications within the office and to all of our 357,000 members across this nation.


  • It’s no secret, law enforcement has experienced drastic challenges over the last decade. If we want to continue our proud tradition of being the best law enforcement organization in this country, we must ensure that our leaders are familiar with the challenges we face today. As an active front-line supervisor in a major metropolitan agency, I know what it’s like to pin the badge to my chest and go to work in today’s policing environment. I know what challenges our members are facing every day, because I am facing it with them. As the leader of the largest lodge in Tennessee, I know the challenges our local and state lodges are facing and what solutions they need to help overcome them.





 As the treasurer of Andrew Jackson Lodge #5 (Nashville):


The fresh perspective I brought to the board enabled me to move away from procedures the lodge had been following for decades and establish practices that would allow our lodge to experience significant financial growth. For example:


  • Conversion from paper checks to direct deposit for our employees, hard copy to electronic records and electronic bill payment just to name a few.


  • Under previous leadership, our lodge had a member death benefit that was funded via an insurance company. Our lodge was essentially giving insurance companies tens of thousands of dollars annually with nothing to show for it year after year. I immediately recognized this as archaic practice and performed a financial analysis to realize its effectiveness. After running the cost analysis, I was able to show the benefit in moving to a privately funded benefit which has allowed the lodge to retain the funds and stabilize its financial standing significantly since the inception of the program.


As president of Andrew Jackson Lodge #5 (Nashville):

  • Coordination, planning and execution of the 2017 National FOP conference hosted by the Nashville Lodge.

  • Investment of existing funds (non-death benefit plan) to ensure significant financial stability and future growth.

  • Transition to the National Legal aid plan ensuring the long-term financial stability of our lodge.

  • Transition from paper to an electronic filing system.

  • Expansion of our charity outreach program that gives officers the ability to assist community members when in financial need and build relationships based on positive interaction.

  • Expansion of our youth camp program.

  • Managing a major local charter amendment campaign.

  • Representation of officers involved in controversial shootings.

  • Establishing and managing an employee group healthcare plan for our civilian lodge employees.




The Fraternal Order of Police is, in fact, the best law enforcement organization in the nation, but it can, and should, always be working to improve! If we embrace the technologies of today, collaborate for the solutions of tomorrow and work together to engage our members and the communities they serve, we can solve the crucial issues facing our organization and the law enforcement profession! It is time for us to move beyond the status quo and become the pinnacle of law enforcement representation.

  • We must work to grow our membership numbers! There are nearly 500,000 law enforcement officers in this country who are not members of the Fraternal Order of Police. Capturing the interest of these potential members will require innovative solutions, expanded communication strategies and inclusive leadership that is focused on ensuring every member has a voice. Everyone should know our direction, hear our voice and feel confident that the FOP is working for them.

  • We must advance the technology of this organization to help our members work more efficiently in the organization and on the job. Unfortunately, we struggle to be in front of the ever-advancing technology curve. We exist in the era of mobile technology, video messaging, and up to the minute communications, yet our organization struggles to break the barriers of advancement into this technological generation.

  • We must work collaboratively to focus our legislative goals and encourage members to help us generate a stronger political action committee to assist with our lobbying efforts on the hill. Our legislative voice can be stronger through collaboration. Educating our members on the importance of political action is key. Equally important, is having the direction of our legislative agenda driven by the members to ensure relevant legislation is being pushed forward with a united voice.

  • We must restore the fraternity on a national level. Our family is stronger when we stand together, and our voice is more powerful when we speak united!

  • We absolutely must put people above politics! There is no room for politics in policing and there certainly is not room for it when it comes to taking care of our members. While politics will always exist in this organization, we must work to rise above the fray and remember we are ALL family at the end of the day!






In the beginning of my FOP career, I served as the treasurer of the largest lodge in Tennessee, the Andrew Jackson Lodge #5 (Nashville). As a major full-service lodge with over 2,000 members, I managed several different entities to include: 501c8, 501c3, political action committees on both the local and state level and moved our lodge in the direction where we could later invest a significant amount of our money to ensure long term financial stability. The combined totals of these accounts were over $2 million. I served successfully in this role until I transitioned into the role of president of the same lodge.





In the past year, I have worked hard to advance the collective goals of the National FOP. I have served this order by Chairing the Marketing Committee and working on the Strategic Development Committee, serving on the Presidents Commission on Law Enforcement, Govenor Lee's law enforcement task force, worked to help launch the NFOP mobile app, redesign the NFOP website, launched a campaign to humanize the badge and answered the call for any needs of the order where I could possibly be of service. This is the kind of commitment and dedication our order needs and I promise to maintain that level moving forward. If you have been pleased with the direction and engagement of our order, I promise you, the best is yet to come and I simply ask for your support so that I can continue to help move our organization forward!







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